Migraine sufferers prone to cardio events can benefit from K2 supplementation

In a case-control single-center observational study Lebanese researchers explored the relationship between vitamin K2 status in migraine subjects versus non-migraine subjects and its correlation with arterial stiffness. The outcome of their project constitutes an important message for individuals with migraine who are more prone to an increased risk of major cardiovascular events.

The authors compared arterial stiffness and markers of vitamin K2 status between a cohort of patients with untreated migraine vs. their age- and sex-matched non-migraine controls. They concluded, “Individuals with migraine have significantly worse indices of arterial stiffness as compared with their age- and sex-matched control subjects. This increase in arterial stiffness is correlated with an increase in markers of vitamin K2 deficiency. Further studies are needed to examine the effect of vitamin K2 supplementation on arterial stiffness improvement and cardiovascular outcomes in migraine patients.”

“People with migraine might benefit from MK-7 supplementation due to fact that vitamin K2 improves elasticity of the arteries,” says Dr. Katarzyna Maresz, president of the International Science and Health Foundation.


Mansour A, Ahdab R, Daabul Y, Korjian S, Salem M, Hariri E, Riachi N, Bahous SA (2019) Vitamin K2 Status and Arterial Stiffness Among Untreated Migraine Patients: A Case-Control Study, Submitted to Journal of Clinical Hypertension

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