International Health and Science Foundation

Inspired by passionate people who share a desire to explore new developments in the fields of health and science, the International Health and Science Foundation (ISHF) was founded in 2009. A scientific community independent of business commitments, our activities are based on four main pillars – Innovation, Knowledge, Responsibility, and Cooperation – and are intended to foster a healthy point of view that benefits society. The Foundation’s international character allows us to share experiences with other countries, resulting in innovative designs that allows for the implementation of common, useful social and economic goals.

The ISHF’s main activities are undertaken in an effort to:

  • Protect and promote health
  • Support research activities

Thus, the Foundation seeks to attain our socially and economically useful objectives through:

  • Initiation, promotion, and support of research programs and educational information
  • Organization and funding of conferences, lectures, and readings with the participation of representatives of science, including the health and natural medicine
  • Journalistic activities and information through publishing books, magazines, and brochures
  • Organization of trade fairs, and co-organizing and assistance to educational institutions; and running educational web services is the latest effort and a natural progression in the ISHF’s main objective of health education through the promotion of social and scientific projects, such as:

Pregnancy Portal: On May 26, 2009 (Mother’s Day in Poland), the Foundation debuted its Pregnancy Portal (www.ciąż, a non-profit service for people who are planning to have a baby, pregnant women and parents of young children. The non-commercial nature of the site allows visitors (more than 300 000 a month) to focus solely on the honest, reliable, and easily accessible information that is important in the unique process of becoming a parent.

Fertility Portal: According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2015 every third couple in the world will need professional assistance getting pregnant. A lonely and scary situation, in 2011, ISHF started working on a portal – – to provide a reliable source of information on fertility problems for a growing community of men and women.

Paternity Portal: As of January 1, 2010, a father raising a child has the right to paternity leave. But statistics show that very few fathers exercise this right. In early September 2011, ISHF launched the portal with the objective of inspiring men to become more involved in raising their own children, and informing them of their rights. The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

Krill/Omega-3 Portal: With a growing body of evidence supporting the benefits of krill and omega-3 fatty acids for human health, in 2011, the ISHF established to encourage children and adults to learn the facts.

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