ISHF President Maresz Speaks at Romanian Conf., Increases Awareness of K2

Dr. Katarzyna Maresz, president of the International Science and Health Foundation, was honored to accept an invitation to participate in the X AECR Congress (Romanian Association for Endocrynology Al Xlea Congres al Asociaţiei de Endocrinologie Clinică din România). Organized in Constanta from 25 September of 2015, the event was a gathering of The Association of Clinical Endocrinologist in Romania, Academy of Medical Sciences, National Institute of Endocrinology “C. I. Parhon” Bucharest and University ” Ovidius” Constanta with the participation of renowned Professors, endocrinologist specialists, and resident physicians.

The main topics of discussion at the congress were:

  1. Growth hormonepathological aspects;
  2. Diseased associated with endocrine pathology;
  3. Alternative treatments in endocrine diseases;
  4. Doctor-patient communication;
  5. Presentation of clinical cases.


On September 9, in a lecture entitled “Vitamin K2 – The New Essential Nutrient that Prevent Osteoporosis,” Dr. Maresz highlighted the potential of Vitamin K2, not only as a means of treatment, but also a preventative tool in the fight against osteoporosis.

”We are all aware that we need calcium and vitamin D in our diets, to support healthy bones and fight osteoporosis. However, recent clinical trials show that there is a new necessary nutrient for healthy and strong bones: Vitamin K2,” she said, noting highlighting a 3-year human intervention trial published in Osteoporosis International in 2013. “This study showed that a 3-year low-dose of Vitamin K2 as menaquinone-7 (MK-7) supplementation helps decrease bone loss in healthy postmenopausal women. That is why MK-7 supplementation should be considered for its potential to help postmenopausal women to keep strong bones and prevent fractures.”

Dr. Maresz’s presentation is an important first step spreading the benefits of Vitamin K2 to Romania. According to Cristian Talea, Shareholder and Founder of Pharmaceutical Companies Health Advisors and Punta Pharm, there is increasing interest in vitamin K2 in Romania; however, it will take time for doctors to accept this new knowledge and encourage further investigation in Romania.

The event was organized by AECR, in partnership with Exclusiv Houston NPA, one of the most important medical events organizers from Romania, and it was sponsored by prestigious international and local pharmaceutical companies: Eli Lilly, Astra Zeneca, Teva, Amgen, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Pfizer, Sun Wave Pharma, MSD, Ipsen, Punta Pharm, Sandoz, Actavis, Medist Solutions and Solartium. The congress ended with the meeting of the founders and members of The Association of Clinical Endocrinologist in Romania and official closing ceremony of the congress.

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